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How To Carry Out An Extensive And Informative Consultation With Your Hairstylist

Scheduling appointments with your stylist should be more informative rather than mare chitchat. Besides the giggles, catching up and chatters, your consultation should be informative and inspiring. At the end of the consultation, you should be very comfortable and content with the hair style he / she will fix you with.

On the day that you are getting your extensions done, you should arm yourself with lots of questions and adequate materials. Bring a demonstration or illustration of the hairstyle you want, this could include a picture you took or downloaded. Continue Reading


How To Choose A Hairbrush For Your Hairstyle   

If you have maintained a brush since you finished college to now then you have been doing injustice to your own hair.  It’s time to drop that grandma brush and go shopping. Having a new hairstyle requires maintenance and if you use the wrong products and accessories, the hairstyle will rundown quickly. Therefore, getting a correct hair brush is the key to having good hair. Hair brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However the longer the hair, the larger the brush.  Continue Reading


How To Dye Your Human Hair Extensions Correctly

Go blonde, brunette, black, brown, blue, pink, name any color just with a kit and Voila! You can get any shade you desire and as well pick your 100% human hair extensions from the Malaysian, Indian and Brazilian hair. Though temporary color change, this is better than dying your own hair. Here is how to do dye your human hair extensions: Continue Reading


How To Wash Your Brazilian Hair Correctly

You paid that extra dollar to own that enviable Brazilian hair on your head. Gal after flaunting it and getting complemented by your admirers, the maintenance sets in.  Keeping the Brazilian hair looking good and smelling great for long time can be the source of bewilderment amongst your lady friends. The secret is in washing it...Continue Reading

How To Do The Brazilian Hair Treatment Perfectly

Are you tired of the frizzy hair, wavy or tight hair curly? You can easily get a straight hairdo with the exquisite Brazilian treatment.  The treatment gets rid of frizz in rainy or humid days.Brazilian hair treatment produces a glossy sleek hair while the original volume of the hairs is still maintained. This treatment works on natural hair, processed and colored hair. Men too can embrace this style. You can achieve this by following the outlined steps:... Continue Reading


How To Wear Your Twists Creatively

We all have some more preference for certain hairstyles styles than others. But if the preference is more skewed to a particular style, then we call it an obsession.  If your have the obsession with twist braids then why not add little pomp and style to your style....Continue Reading


How To Trim Your Hair Extensions Perfectly

I bought these extensions that are so nice but the length gives it away: it doesn’t look natural. How do I trim it? That is the question everyday Jane and Mary ask. When you have spent a fortune on hair but it does not look good on you, you can make a quick turnaround by trimming the hair to suit you and precisely to your facial features....Continue Reading


How To Make Double Drawn Hair

There is a variety of double drawn hair extensions but Remy double drawn hair is the best in the market. Double drawn hair is characterized by same volume at the bottom and top ends of the hair....CONTINUE READING


How To Take Care Of Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian virgin hair that is used for premium extensions, weaves, and wigs is real human hair therefore it must be cared for just like you would your own hair. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Brazilian virgin hair so that it will last you a super long time....CONTINUE READING

Olive Colored Skin - Great Hair style Picks for People with Olive Skin Tones

Most people with olive skin tones automatically assume that they have an olive complexion, but even olive skin typically has a dominant undertone which will determine which hair shade will suit you best. People with olive skin tones generally look as though they have a bit of a tan all year round but they also have either a warm or cool skin tone.....CONTINUE READING


Secret Professional Stylist Tips for Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting your hair is a great way to change up your color without making a total commitment. It also eliminates the need for constant touch-ups at the roots. There is a wide variety of different colors and techniques that can be used to create highlights in your hair. Here are some of the different color choices and techniques that can help you achieve an all-over lighter look.....CONTINUE READING

Basic Hair Braiding: Step By Step Procedure

Basic braiding procedures are very easy to master and can come in handy at any situation. You can use it when you want to braid your own hair or braid other people’s hair. It’s also handy in kids since their hair can be tangled and messy after a long day in school and playing......CONTINUE READING


7 Tips on averting hair damage during straightening

Hair straightening is a popular beauty technique especially among those with curly hair. These tips will demonstrate ways to minimize your hair from heat affliction and still have an amazing look after straightening......CONTINUE READING


Caring For Glue In Hair Extensions

If you are considering having glue in hair extensions then there are some important guidelines and steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you are properly caring for your extensions. This is very important and can also add to the life of your glue in hair extensions.....CONTINUE READING


How To Apply Full Lace Wig

In order to successfully wear a full lace wig naturally, there are a few very important steps that you will need to follow in order to achieve your desired look. The main key to applying a wig is to avoid showing the lace or the adhesive that you used.......CONTINUE READING


How To Scrunch Your Hair

One of our members explain how to scrunch your hair......Click Here To Watch The Video


How To Care for the Hair Curls

While curls are very beautiful it unfortunately can take years to figure out what products and hair styles will work. Some times some people with curly hair may experience extreme frizziness and others may have softer and bigger curls and both frizzy and softer curls will require different care. While you are selecting what products you wish to use you should keep in mind the products that you like as well as what has been working for you. If you are not satisfied, however, then you should consider some of the following tips.....CONTINUE READING 


How to Braid Hair

Hair braiding for extensions is becoming an increasingly popular trend among today’s trendy and fashion conscious women. This can be a rather long and grueling process but by following these easy steps you will soon find yourself braiding in those hair extensions in no time..... CONTINUE READING