Basic Hair Braiding: Step By Step Procedure

Basic braiding procedures are very easy to master and can come in handy at any situation. You can use it when you want to braid your own hair or braid other people’s hair. It’s also handy in kids since their hair can be tangled and messy after a long day in school and playing. The Childs hair is greater if put in a fancy braid. A child’s hair is finer than adults thus gathering all the hair at the back will give you most of the volume. These essential tips will come up with not only smooth but beautiful braids.  

  • The first step in braiding basic braids is to comb the hair smooth to remove the tangles. This makes sure that every knot is removed because it can come back and haunt your styling. Some people prefer to braid their hair when its wet but long thick braided hair takes time to dry.
  • A rat tail comb with long thin pointed handle is the best for parting hair.  With it you can part your hair into seven sections. You can begin braiding with any part of the hair you would like to start with.   The nape of your neck or the top of your head can make an ideal starting point. Divide each section into thee parts and take the right part and place it over the center so that it becomes the center section.  
  • Then take the left partition and cross it over the middle section thus making it the middle section.   Every time you place one partition over the other partition remember to tug away the hair partitions to the ends to keep the hair taught. Continue placing the right partition over the center and the left over the center in a repeated fashion till you reach the bottom of the hair
  • The final braids are held secured by a ponytail holder. The smoothest braids are achieved by keeping the hair snuggly fit during the entire braiding process.  
  • Using gel before braiding will keep your hair layered properly.


In braiding, the grip is very vital in producing good long-lasting braids. Loose grip causes loose strands or uneven sections. However, too tight grips can cause infliction of injuries to the person you are braiding. With lots of braid practice you will learn to control the tension and produce.


Tip: You can purchase and use Bulk Hair Extensions for braiding to make your desired braid.


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