Top 5 Indian Hair FAQ’s

#1 where does the Indian hair come from?

Indian hair comes from the people in India who are donating their hair all in the name of prayer. It is a common practice for them to sacrifice their hair in return for prayers that God has answered. Some temples will cut the hair from the devotees who are willing and then will in turn auction off the hair to distributors. The auctions are returned into their communities in turn of charity.

#2 Why is Indian Hair so special?

The hair is highly regarded in the hair industry due to its flexibility, texture and the durability of the hair. It is also know to be very thick and lustrous therefore offering the best hair for styling and other installation options. Hair is also naturally dark so it will work very well with braiding and weaving applications for women of color. Our hair is guaranteed.

#3 What does “bulk” and “wefted” mean?

Bulk hair is loose and is intended for use in braiding and other forms of hair extensions styles. It comes delivered in a bundle tied at the ends so that it is ready for use as soon as it arrives at your door. Wefted hair is intended for weaving. This is when the hair is either sewn or bonded using hair glue into a track that will be used during the weaving process.

#4 What is the best way to cut a weft?

It is recommended that hand tied wefts never be cut from the top. This is a quite common mistake made even by the most experienced stylists. Should it be cut, you should seal it with good glue such as nail glue or even fabric glue. Also, keep in mind there is no guarantee that the hair will not shed in the even that it is cut. Bare in mind to not sew through the top of the weft, instead you are going to want to sew around the weft. In the case of machine wefts, you can cut wherever you so desire.

#5 What type of hair care products should I use on my hair?

You are going to want to treat your Indian hair like it is your own. This means using quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning is a very important in hair care so that you are able to keep it soft and more manageable. You are also able to use other products such as gel and hair spray. Just make sure to wash the hair so that the products do not damage it in any way.

          Top 5 Brazilian FAQ’s


#1 How wide is the Brazilian hair weft in inches?

Your width of your wefts will depend on the length of the hair used. So the longer the hair length the shorter the width you are going to want. So, if you desire to cover more of your hair, then it is recommended that you purchase 2 or 3 packs of Brazilian hair.

#2 Do I need to do anything special in the morning to the Brazilian hair?

You should comb out your hair each morning. In order to do this, you are going to just bend your head forward and gently brush hair from the ends to your scalp. The reason for doing so this way will keep pressure off of any wefts and will help to increase the longevity of the hair itself.

#3 Do I need to do anything special at night for my Brazilian hair?

Do not ever sleep on wet hair. This will cause your hair to become extremely matted and it will be harder to keep hair looking the way that you want it to. Therefore, just make sure your hair is completely dry before going to sleep. Also, remember not to rub, but instead pat your hair dry as rubbing will cause damage as well.

#4 What is the difference with Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is much more expensive than Indian hair due to the genetic factors that are taken into consideration to make sure hair is of the very best quality. Brazilian hair has in no way been chemically treated and is the best choice if you are looking to color your hair.  It is very strong hair as well as looking extremely natural.

#5 How long will the hair last & Can the Dyed Hair Extensions be re-colored again?

This depends on factors such as how well you take care of your new hair. You must always treat it like your own hair and take proper care of it. Always make sure you research your hair well to make sure you are able to take proper care and that it will work best for you. Also, feel free to ask us any questions. We do not recommend you to dye the hair extensions which has already been colored as the dyed hair extensions are already processed to achieve a color which cannot be changed. If you would like to add highlights on your own please purchase Natural Color Brazilian Virgin Hair.

                Top 5 European Hair FAQ’s

#1 Where does European hair come from?

The European hair comes from Moldova and Ukraine .The hair is harvested in several countries and then sold to harvesters after it has been gathered by special brushes. Then the cuticle layer is removed and bundled by length and separated into standard color groups.

#2 Am I able to dye my European hair?

Yes, it is possible to dye the European hair. However, you are only able to dye it a color darker. Therefore, you should not bleach the hair as this will cause damage and may also make the hair fall out or cause breakage.

#3 Can I go swimming?

With your European hair you are able to go in swimming pools and hot tubs. However, you should wash your hair after you go swimming and avoid salt water at all costs as it will take moisture from the hair and will only cause tangling. Also, NEVER braid your hair and go into salt water. It is best to wear the hair down and spray in some conditioner after swimming.  The same applies to our collection of Indian, Brazillian and Asian Hair.

#4 How long does European hair last?

European hair with proper care can last well over a year. And by proper care this means taking care of it just like you would your own hair. You have to wash it and be gentle with it. Keep in mind to remove and have it reinstalled as your natural hair grows out.

#5 What is single and double drawn hair?

In Single drawn the hair is drawn from a single donor and the hair looks like a ponytail as each hair strand  has different lengths but the very short hairs have been taken out.
In Double drawn the hair is drawn from two Donors and every hair strand has the same hair length throughout. Which will make this the most expensive as it is done entirely by hand and not using a machine.


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