Hair Extensions Pre Bonded


Pre bonded hair extensions are premium grade hair that are held together at the end with a bonding agent that is pre-applied at one of the tips. Because the hair is of the highest quality, it will give added length and fullness to even the thinnest of hair. You also have the option to cut and style your pre bonded hair extensions just like you would your own natural hair. Feel free to ask questions to make sure you are satisfied with your decision to add body and achieve the desired results. Remy Hair Glue In Extensions, I Tip, U tip, V tip and Micro loop hair are available in Various Colors!

I tipped Hair


Also known as shoelace tips, I-tipped extensions offer the most fusion More

U tipped Hair


Sometimes called “nail tips”, the u-tip melts the keratin at the end of the strand using a hot hair extension iron, which is More

V tipped Hair


V tipped extensions are made up of premium hair that will be sure to add the desired length as well as the desired body that you are loo More

Micro Loops Hair


The micro-ring looping technique is a natural-looking way to apply hair extensions. A More



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