How To Apply A Full Lace Wig


In order to successfully wear a full lace wig naturally, there are a few very important steps that you will need to follow in order to achieve your desired look. The main key to applying a wig is to avoid showing the lace or the adhesive that you used. 

1) First you need to make sure that your lace is trimmed the way that you want before you start applying your full lace wig. Once that is complete you will need to wrap your natural hair into a tight circle and put on a wig cap if you so desire. Or if you have short hair you can simply comb it back and out of the way. Just make sure that your hair is smooth and tight to ensure a snug fit for your wig. 

2) Once your hair is secured out of the way you are going to need to clean your hair using a cotton swab apply scalp protector around the edges of your natural hair where the wig is going to be applied. You may substitute scalp protector with isopropyl alcohol if you wish. 

3) Next you are going to use glue you are going to apply the glue as close to your hairline as possible. You may even consider layering it twice at the nape of your neck in order to secure a tight hold. After applying a full lace wig for the first time you will have a good idea of if you need to double layer the glue or not. Make sure to follow all of the directions on the glue bottle or box. If you are opting to use tape or cream adhesives then you will apply these in the same place as the glue. Again, make sure to read all instructions completely prior to apply your adhesive. 

4) After the adhesive is applied you are going to gather all of the hair of the wig together with a rubber band or a clip to avoid getting any adhesive on it when applying the full lace wig. Make sure to align the edge of the wig with the edge of the adhesive pressing and holding it in one place for a few seconds.

5) Using the back of a thin comb, press down on the lace surrounding the perimeter of your head until completely blended and you are unable to see the wig at your hair line. Once applied you can style any way you wish without anyone knowing that you are wearing a wig!


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