How To Braid Hair


Hair braiding for extensions is becoming an increasingly popular trend among today’s trendy and fashion conscious women. This can be a rather long and grueling process but by following these easy steps you will soon find yourself braiding in those hair extensions in no time. 

 So Here Are The Steps:

1) Starting with the hair on the underside of the head, divide hair into small sections. Make sure to separate the hair out on the top and bottom and use hair clips to secure it out of the way.

2) Holding the hair to be braided close to the bottom of the natural hair, divide a very small section of hair into two strands. Once that has been done, put the small sections on either side of the extension and start the braid. For best results, braid the section of the weave with the two natural sections. 

3) Continue to braid the natural hair and the weave section until the very end of the hair and secure with a small section of string. From there, tie the string tightly and avoid possibly tangling the hair in knots for the string. 

4) You are now ready to move on to the next extension section and ready to continue on with braiding and tying the completed sections. You do have the option to keep the extensions short or you can leave them long as well. By opting to keep your hair long you are able to keep that braided style. 

5) Make sure you check back over the extensions once one section has completed to ensure that all braids are tight and that strands are not too tight or too loose and that all knots are secure.

6) Finish braiding all the sections of hair and use a water bottle in order to help make the braiding process easier. Be mindful to pull the braids tight in order to secure them but not too tight so that the hair is not damaged and will not break. 

7) Now you are ready to remove the hair clips and comb out the loose sections of hair. The natural hair should be on top of the small braids and will hide them from view in order for the extensions to be underneath the remaining natural hair. 

8) Now you are ready to wash your hair and check back over the braids. Washing the hair can cause the braids to tighten as the hair dries naturally so be sure to check that the extensions are well braided and stay tight. You are able to style your hair like normal and enjoy!


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