How To Carry Out An Extensive And Informative Consultation With Your Hairstylist


Scheduling appointments with your stylist should be more informative rather than mare chitchat. Besides the giggles, catching up and chatters, your consultation should be informative and inspiring. At the end of the consultation, you should be very comfortable and content with the hair style he / she will fix you with.


On the day that you are getting your extensions done, you should arm yourself with lots of questions and adequate materials. Bring a demonstration or illustration of the hairstyle you want, this could include a picture you took or downloaded. The illustration should have all-rounded view i.e. the front; the sideways and back side of the head should be visible. If however the stylist deems that the hairstyle does not fit you then he or she should suggest alternatives to you.


Then indicate the amount of time you intend to sit in the salon and how long you intend to style your hair daily to the stylist. If you always in a hurry every morning, then don’t go for a style that involve lots of brushing. Don’t forget to indicate where you work at and you should share your lifestyle with the hairstylist. Tell the stylist whether work in a conservative or hip environment, this will help the stylist give you a hairstyle that complements your overall image.


When you take that leap of faith and get a drastic change in hairstyle then you should have an extensive consultation before the appointment. Failure to do so may land you a scenario where the stylist is in hurry to style the next client in the appointment list. Be precise on the instructions you issue; if you want a haircut you should be precise on the inches. Don’t let the hairstylist cut your hair as she/he desires. Never give vague instructions that may be misinterpreted like “only the ends of my hair should be colored/cut”.


The cardinal rule is to ask questions. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you would like to have a new style that uses a new product then ask the expert or stylist about their opinion on the matter. Ask the stylist on the experience they have with a particular hairstyle. If they are not competent enough to style you then change either the stylist or the hair choice. Always watch out for the scissors: never sleep or lose focus when the stylist is cutting your hair. Tis will save you from accidental hair cuttings. Always speak up when you feel uneasy or just in time when the stylist begins to do something you do not approve.


Always give honest opinions to the stylist of how you feel about the new style. If anything happens within the first few days of getting a hairstyle then get in touch with the stylist. Some may be willing to change your style for free!


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