How To Choose A Hairbrush For Your Hairstyle


If you have maintained a brush since you finished college to now then you have been doing injustice to your own hair. It’s time to drop that grandma brush and go shopping. Having a new hairstyle requires maintenance and if you use the wrong products and accessories, the hairstyle will rundown quickly. Therefore, getting a correct hair brush is the key to having good hair. Hair brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However the longer the hair, the larger the brush. There is a myth that states that hair should be brushed 100 times a day. However even if you do that with the wrong brush then you are doing more harm than good.


Let’s explore the main type of brushes;


A Denman brush has a hair bristles facing one direction and has a short curvy handle. The bristles are evenly spaced. The Denman brush slightly bends the hair when used in blow-drying hair. This serves to create lots of glow in the hair. Being slightly curved the Denman perfect for brushing Bobs.


A Round brush creates curls and volume when used to blow-dry the hair. It also gives slight bends to the hair. With the ceramic barrel as the handle, it holds heat for longer thus giving extra oomph to the hair. Everyone knows or has used the wide toothed comb. Wide toothed comb is used for detangling hair, extensions and wigs. This is also used to comb wet hair before blow-drying. Being widely spaced, the toothed comb does not lead to hair breakage. Then we have the paddle brush that is oval or rectangle in shape that is suited for detangling hair. It also provides lots of shine to hair depending on the spacing and size of the bristles. Then last finely tooth combs are characterized by dense bristles. The comb is used to create sculpted or wet looking hairstyle.


The hair brushes are made of natural or synthetic materials. However others are a mix of natural and synthetic brushes. Synthetic brushes suit thicker and more textured hair. The synthetic bristles do not create static when blow-drying thus are easier to detangle hair. Natural bristles are suited for fine to normal hair textures. The natural bristle are soft hence are best suited for thinned hair. Additionally, the natural bristles simulate the scalp to secrete natural body oils that are vital for enhancing hair growth.


More specifically, the brush bristles are made from nylon boar porcupine and iron materials. Boar bristles is made from the hairs of the boar/hog and are best suited for children since the bristles are soft. The nylon is made from plastic, nylon rubber or similar materials and is suited for different hair types depending on the stiffness of the bristles. Porcupine bristles are made form a combination of nylon and boar and are suited for brushing thick hair. Metal bristles are only used on wigs and hairpieces. They are too inflexible to use on human hair. So next time you pick a brush, hesitate a bit to ponder if it is the right one for you.


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