How To Dye Your Human Hair Extensions Correctly



 The joy of 100% human hair extensions is that it gives you the same freedom like your natural hair.  You can wash and blow-dry it like your own natural hair. What more fun can it is when you can dye it any color you desire! Go blonde, brunette, black, brown, blue, pink, name any color just with a kit and Voila! You can get any shade you desire and as well pick your 100% human hair extensions from the Malaysian, Indian and Brazilian hair. Though temporary color change, this is better than dying your own hair. Here is how to do dye your human hair extensions:

*  Wash the hair prior to dying it in order to remove all the hair products and oils in the hair if you are already using it.

*  Comb section by section of the hair extension using a toothed comb to detangle the curls.

*  Next, wear protective gloves before preparing the hair color mixture. Using the manufacturer instructions, pour the color and developer into the application container.  Then close the container and shake well to get a consistent mixture.

*  Now that the color mixture is ready, you can now use it on the hair extensions. Apply the hair color using paint brush then comb to ensure that the hair color is evenly distributed on all the sections you want colored. See the hair coloring tips.

*  Using the aluminum foil, cover the colored areas.  Let it set in the hair for the time specified in the package.

*  Then, rinse the color from the hair extension. Use warm water   to ensure thorough and faster color removal.

*  When all the dye is removed shampoo the hair extension. Wash it then condition it. Comb the extension as you apply the conditioner in order to straighten the hair.

*  Rinse of the conditioner using cold water. The cold water seals the hair color and living it shinny.

*  Finally you should air dry the extension because air drying makes the hair glossier and moisturized. You can speed up the process using a blow drier or diffuser to dry the human hair.

The human hair should be dried and dyed when competed. Your prized extensions can be dyed to regular color. You can do a permanent dye on light colored extension or semi-permanent, demi-permanent or temporary colors. Human Hair can be bleached but second time bleaching is not recommended because the hair will be damaged by over-processing.  However you can still color and highlight the human hair extensions


When matching your hair and the extensions, get two or more hair color kit of the exact shade. Dye the natural hair first then using the other kits you color the extension separately. Repeat this until you obtain a consistent match.  However, if the color tones on your hair and extensions differ, then visit a professional hairdresser. Now that your hair has new exciting color it’s definitely going to be a heads-turner.  Rock your own colorful world with dyes colors you desire!


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