How To Make Double Drawn Hair


There is a variety of double drawn hair extensions but Remy double drawn hair is the best in the market. Double drawn hair is characterized by same volume at the bottom and top ends of the hair.  With the double drawn hair you cannot see the shorter hairs, thus most of the hairs have the uniform length from the top to bottom. When the human hair is harvested from the donor; it is usually an assortment of short and long hairs. This is because humans have both short and long hair strands on the same head. You require more hair to make a bundle of the double drawn hair than single drawn hair. Thus the short hair is removed from the bundle so that remnant hair has the same length. For the quality not to be affected the cuticle is not reversed in the double drawn hair.

When making a double drawn hair, the longest length from the harvested hair i.e.  18 inches is pulled out. Then the next layer pulled out will be the 17inches.  The procedure is repeated by removing a difference of an inch less into unique uniform bundles. The resulting hair is more expensive because of the even uniformity in length.  This may sound messy and complicated but it is a skill that can be mastered with lots of patience and experience.

However when distributes mix all the harvested hair together, the cuticle is always said to “be reversed”. The downfall of reversed cuticle is that the hair will only be used between one and two months in styling.  Double drawn hair is more healthy and thicker and has less yellowish ends.

Unlike the single drawn hair, double drawn hair is made with more hair bundles. The final outcome is fine textures of the hair.  Presence of the short hairs in the single drawn hair leads to tip ends that are thinner than the top which leads to a scraggy look. Therefore women with single drawn hair end up trimming the ends in order to achieve a uniform and desirable width. Thus double drawn hair has greater advantage over single drawn in that   solid length is guaranteed from the top to bottom.

With you double drawn hair if you order 16 inches you get exactly 16 inches delivered. There will be no filler hair of other lengths. Thus if you are going for the best quality of human hair, the double drawn hair will never let you down. Double drawn extensions will add you a layer of natural, fabulous and voluminous texture beneath your real hair.  Gal it time to own, strut and walk with the double drawn Remy hair!


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