How To Take Care Of Your Glue In Hair Extensions

If you are considering having glue in hair extensions then there are some important guidelines and steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you are properly caring for your extensions. This is very important and can also add to the life of your glue in hair extensions.

It is important that you avoid using any products that are oil based. Instead use ones that are water based. You will have just washed your hair before getting ready to apply your hair extensions so you are going to not add any type of moisturizer. This will take away from the adhesive power of the glue and your extensions are less likely to stay in once you have glued them all in which can be very frustrating.

Your next question will probably be “How can I tell if it is a water based moisturizer?” To answer your question, any moisturizer that is water based will have the water listed before any oils that are listed on the list of ingredients. Or, you can choose to take things a step further by selecting an oil free moisturizer that is on the market today.

When it comes to detangling your hair, it will be in your best interest to use a large toothed comb because this will make combing easier. You will however need to avoid trying to comb from the root because this is where your extensions are and you will only be tugging the extensions which can be
pretty painful.

If you are using synthetic hair extensions you are going to need to avoid using any heat on your hair because this can cause the hair to melt. But if you are using real human hair extensions then you can blow dry away.

Due to the short life span of glue in extensions being in your hair you should probably refrain from washing your hair. These extensions can take up to two hours for application and last 10 days.

Washing your hair will only cause potential problems. This isn’t too long a time to go without washing your hair unless you want to have to re-do or have the extensions put back in. Also, when you go to bed at night you are going to want to wrap a silk scarf around your hair to help them from rubbing together and being pulled out in addition to avoiding possible tangling.

If you follow these care tips, then you can fully enjoy what your glue in hair extensions have to offer.


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