How To Trim Your Hair Extensions Perfectly


I bought these extensions that are so nice but the length gives it away: it doesn’t look natural. How do I trim it? That is the question everyday Jane and Mary ask. When you have spent a fortune on hair but it does not look good on you, you can make a quick turnaround by trimming the hair to suit you and precisely to your facial features. Trimming it is an art and skill you can easily master. Trimming your hair extensions ensures that they are not cut straight across although they have to achieve uniform length.

Start by combing through the extensions to remove tangles and achieve a uniform length. Then separate the extensions into 1 inch to 2 inch sections. Thereafter twist each section and cut them as length desired. At the bottom of each extension, “nip” it with scissors.  This act is perfected by cutting the hair about 1/4 inches with the scissors slightly elevated around the horizontal angle. Never use extreme angles when cutting the hair because you will end up with uneven lengths.

When the extensions are of the same length, then trimming them becomes an easier task. But if you are dealing with different lengths its better you let the trimming be done by a   professional. When trimming your extensions, you would like them to be layered depending on the style you want. If you have shorter hair then having more layers will make it look more natural. If they are lengthy and you want them short; you can cut a lengthy chunk bluntly then nip them precisely to the desired length.  If you have human hair extensions, you only trim when the hair is wet or damp. Never trim dry hair this is because the human hair tends to shrink.  


Hold the scissors pointing upwards before sniping the hair gently and do small bits at a time. Take care when trimming the hair because you may end up also tapering or thin shortening the hair. Sometimes all you just need to is to create a fringe for the extensions to suit you.

 You can go further to blend the cut hair by doing the following:

  • Section out the hair strands that causes the bulk in your extensions into small partitions and then hold the section in an upward manner. Then using thinning scissors make three cuts at the top third of the hair.
  • Comb the ends of the thinned end and release it back to original position.
  • Repeat this for subsequent sections until your extensions are blended into pretty layers.
  • Brush though your hair and secure it into your desired style.


You can decide to accessorize your new haircut with a scarf or band. Now it’s time to flaunt and gloat in your own cut hairstyle. Whatever your cut is do not let your off  the shelf dictate how and how not to look!


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