How To Wash Your Brazilian Hair Correctly

 You paid that extra dollar to own that enviable Brazilian hair on your head. Gal after flaunting it and getting complemented by your admirers, the maintenance sets in.  Keeping the Brazilian hair looking good and smelling great for long time can be the source of bewilderment amongst your lady friends. The secret is in washing it.

 Here is the detailed proper way to wash the Brazilian hair.

*    Straighten the weaver by separating it into two segments. The first should flow back and the other section should fall on your chest. Using a toothed comb, move from section to section to prevent breakage caused by pulling and tugging. 

*    Slouch forward then wet your hair with warm water starting from your scalp and the tracks toward the hair tips.

*    Apply the moisturizing shampoo in the same manner you did the warm water to remove dirt dandruffs and oils from your hair. Repeat this process until the all the weave lathers. Shampoos with moisturizing effect are recommended as they do not leave the weave dry and brittle after washing.  However, never soak the Brazilian hair.

*   Next rinse your hair with warm water several times until all the shampoo is removed. Washing from the scalp to the tips is recommended for maximum cleansing.

*    After rinsing, apply a suitable hair conditioner comb it through to remove any further tangles and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly to prevent any hair products buildup in the hair.

*   Finally you can dry your hair with thick towel but do not rub rather pat the hair till dry. Then completely dry it with a hair drier. A blow dry is also recommended but using minimal heat to dry the weaves because excess heat destroys the virgin Brazilian hair.

All tracks should be completely dry lest you risk walking around with smelly hair. Finally apply the scalp and the Brazilian hair little oil or moisture as you comb it. However, you should wash your scalp as well and the hairs gently to avoid detangling the extensions more than you have to.

It is best to deep condition the Brazilian hair once a month. However if you have colored the Brazilian hair and are dry then deep conditioning is recommended every two weeks. Ensure that the hair is smooth, moisturized and silky; if they dry too much they will easily break and damage your natural hair. Never be shy to wash your “Brazilian hair”. It won’t get ruined if you wash it properly.  It would be upsurd to be walking around in smelly dirty extensions given the dimes you spent on it!


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