How To Wear Your Twists Creatively


We all have some more preference for certain hairstyles styles than others. But if the preference is more skewed to a particular style, then we call it an obsession.  If your have the obsession with twist braids then why not add little pomp and style to your style. Having the obsession means you will be sported having twist braids several times if not all the time. Why don’t you break the monotony and wear your twist creatively. Twists range from tiny, small medium to chunky sizes and variety of color shades. Therefore here are the most creative twists styles you can do to achieve a makeover.

Get a top-notch bun with your twists. This entails securing your hair at the top of your head, the twisting the ends of the ponytails into twists. Then wrap the twists around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. This style is greet when you have great pronounces cheek bones and when you want to flatter your eyes.

You can also get a twisted up-do with a side part. This is achieved by sectioning your twists into long cornrow like lines. The braid one line into a twist from the front to the back and secure the ends. Do this for subsequent rows. Now that you have obtained the twisted cornrows, secure it with a flower at the side or the nape of your neck.


Twist French rolls are stylish and trendy way of wearing twists. Partition your hair into sections all going to the center of your head. Then braid the twisted lines into cornrows at the end at the top of your head for the front side, leave some twists braid loosely hanging. You can curl the twist at the front with hot water. This style allows you to wear your treasured earing hoops as much as you can.

Twists braided at the front of your hair, provide you the versatility of looking edgy.  Braid the front part of your hair and let the twist braid hanging at the back. You can achieve this by sectioning your hair into two parts. Hold the section at the back of your hair. Then start braiding the front part of the head. You can braid a u-shaped c-shape or a part of the front section.


Despite being bitten by the "twist bug", you should always strive to accessorize and change your twist style. This will create the illusion that you have wide range of hairstyles.


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