Olive Colored Skin - Great Hair style Picks for People with Olive Skin Tones


Most people with olive skin tones automatically assume that they have an olive complexion, but even olive skin typically has a dominant undertone which will determine which hair shade will suit you best. People with olive skin tones generally look as though they have a bit of a tan all year round but they also have either a warm or cool skin tone.


If your skin has yellow undertones then it is considered to be a warm skin tone. If it has blue undertones it is considered to be a cool skin tone.  Here are some of the best hair colors for olive skin tones:


If you have olive skin and you don't want to fuss with different shades you should automatically opt for a dark hair hue. No matter what type of undertones you have you can pull off dark brunette shades. Pick out a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than your natural brunette shade for a quick change. If you have lighter hair, try wearing black or dark brown.


If you have yellowish undertones in your skin you should choose a warm hair hue to pick up on the golden tint in your skin. You can wear practically any shade but make sure that it has a warm base. Look for blondes and brunettes that have "golden" or "caramel" in the title or use something with a coppery finish if you are coloring your hair red.


If you have a cool olive skin tone than you should pick cool hair colors as they will compliment your skin better.  Don't go for an extreme light blonde but rather an ashy or champagne blonde. If you are coloring your hair brown or red, look for color that contains "blue" or "violet" bases.


If you don't want to go with a warm or cool shade you can choose a color that is a bit more neutral. For instance, you can wear a dark blonde shade similar to the increasingly popular bronde hues that have been seen a lot lately. Dark auburns and reds are also a great pick for people with olive skin tones.


Fortunately, people with olive skin tones can get away with a wide range of different hair colors so the possibilities are endless. However, it is always a good idea to scan your picture into a makeover program to try on different colors or use temporary color prior to using something permanent.


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