Secret Professional Stylist Tips for Highlighting Your Hair


Highlighting your hair is a great way to change up your color without making a total commitment. It also eliminates the need for constant touch-ups at the roots. There is a wide variety of different colors and techniques that can be used to create highlights in your hair. Here are some of the different color choices and techniques that can help you achieve an all-over lighter look:


Platinum highlights are ideal for lightening hair without going platinum all over. This color looks great on golden blondes and gold-based brunettes. Avoid using platinum blonde on hair that is extremely dark, as it may make your hair appear gray rather than blonde. Chunky highlights can look great in this color combination but avoid chunky highlights if the color contrast is drastic between your natural shade and your highlight shade.


Golden highlights look great in dark, ashy hair colors because they add more of a golden tone and brighten up your complexion. Add golden highlights to light or medium brunette shades. Avoid chunky highlights with golden shades and aim for thinner, finer pieces. If you want the colors to blend better you can add a third shade for highlights to bring the darker shade together with the golden shade.


Caramel highlights look great in dark, brown shades. Make sure that you pick a caramel shade that blends together with your natural brunette hue and avoid getting highlights that are overly brassy. If your hair comes out with a reddish tint, ask your stylist to add a toner to eliminate the brassy hue. You should also use a color specific shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your highlights.


Red highlights can look great in darker hair colors. You can add red highlights to dark brown hair or in medium brown or auburn shades to brighten up the color and to add a little dimension. Red is a very difficult color to maintain so make sure that you are using the proper products after you have it colored to keep it looking fresh,


Bright colors like pink, blue, or purple are a great way to Amp up your hair. If you have dark hair you will need to bleach sections first to add these colored highlights. The color will fade quickly so you will need to continue touching up the highlights when they begin fade. If your hair is blonde or bleached you should have bright colors added professionally as the colors can wind up getting on the rest of your hair and changing the overall color.


When adding highlights you can use a cap, foils, or simply paint the color on. You can have thin, medium, or thick sections lightened. You can also get partial highlights or a full head of highlights depending on where you want your hair lightened. Consider different styles of highlighting like Ombre for a fun, sophisticated change.


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