Tips On Averting Hair Damage During Straightening


Hair straightening is a popular beauty technique especially among those with curly hair. These tips will demonstrate ways to minimize your hair from heat affliction and still have an amazing look after straightening.

Choose the right type of hot iron straightener.

This is a principal way on how to shield your hair from scorching. It is advised that you purchase straightener such as the Ceramic, Tourmaline and the Titanium type. The ceramic hair straighteners are most popular as they have excellent heat retention, stability and even distribution of heat.

The Tourmaline type is more preferred for professional purpose. Apart from boasting all the ceramic properties they produce more infrared rays and emit negative ions. With a combination of both ceramic and Tourmaline materials it is perfect for hair styling.

The Titanium type is the best in professional hair styling. This is due to its durability, light weight and smooth surface. They emit far more infrared rays and negative ions.

Perform weekly deep conditioning of your hair.

Using a deep vitamin enriched conditioner at least once in a week will produce excellent results on your hair. Investing in such a conditioner is a sure way to minimize damage to your hair during straightening. Making it a beauty routine will make you realize optimum results.

Using of heat protecting spray before straightening.

Always use a heat protection spray to protect your hair while straightening. This is because the sprays are enriched with vitamins that coat your hair and therefore reduces the chances of heat damage on your hair.  By adopting this habit you will reduce the “pull’ effect you have on your hair. This way you safeguard your hair from thermic ruining and also reduce hair loss. Apply the spray before and after performing a blow dry.

Set the straightener to the lowest heat setting possible.

This is a good start off way on how to save your hair from burning. The perception that using a high heat setting automatically results to the best results is false. Finer hair needs a lower heat setting than the course one. So to protect your hair from heat damage start off with a lower heat setting.

Work through small sections of hair at a time.

Divide your hair according to its size. Dividing it into four or six parts is recommended.  Working through larger section at a time will result to overheating of the outer layer. This will be detrimental to your hair if you have the quest to perpetuate your hair from searing.

Minimize the use of the straightener.

Occasionally give your hair a break. Try to explore naturally means of straightening your hair. Try to skip using the straightening iron and only blow dry your hair. A better method is skipping the blow dry as well and letting your hair to dry naturally. By doing so you may be impressed with your natural look and therefore reducing your time with the hair straightener.

Decrease your time on the straightener.

The hair straightener should be passed down rather quickly. Never stop and let the straightener sit on a section of hair. By reducing the contact time between the straightener and your hair you will realize lower damage on your hair. This sustains your hair from calefaction break down.


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