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Upload And Take Offer Guidelines



Here is a opportunity to see yourself as a model, or just a fun way to upload your pictures wearing hair and extensions purchased from BraidhairExtensions.com store and make additional money with your hobby.


You need to follow the below mentioned simple steps in order to be eligible for your videos to show up on BraidHairExtensions.com website.


  • Your video must be of high quality.

  • Must be a 2 mins video and or maximum not more than 15 mins video.

  • Your voice must me clearly audible, no breaking voice or interrupting audios please.

  • Your video can be a How to Video..A teaching video related to hair, hair styling video.

  • You can make your own, any family members or friends video.

  • The hair must be purchased from our store only.

  • You can submit one or multiple videos but not more than three at a time.

  • Your videos will be visible within 24-48 hours after submission.

  • In order to be eligible you must make a purchase of minimum $50 on our e-store.

  • You will receive a $35 discount with your next purchase, when you make your next purchase on braidhairextensions.com . Or “Your $35 amount” will be credited to your credit card or PayPal account after 6 months if you fail to make your next purchase within next 180 days due to what so ever reason.

  • All the videos uploaded by you will automatically become property of braidhairextensions.com and you will not re-use sell or distribute on any other website, social media or similar platforms on the web. By submitting you AGREE that only BraidHairExtensions.com will have the complete right to use your videos on its website or partner sites and distribute, advertise on various social media platform what so ever. BraidHairExtensions.com at its discretion, retain the right to reject any video or remove the video from the website if it so feels, without notifying or giving any reason.

  • You need to complete the below form and press submit to finish uploading your video.