There are two types of wigs: front lace wigs and full lace wigs. Choosing between the two can be tedious and wanting process.


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How to decide whether to go for full lace wig or Lace front wig


Do you have a residing hairline? Do you need those fancy baby hairs on your hairline? Get ahead and look glam like a celebrity with the laces wigs. There are two types of wigs: front lace and full lace wig. Choosing between the two can be tedious and wanting process.

Choosing the lace wig takes into consideration many things because if one is not careful they may end up looking like a drag queen. Depending on your facial features it may be easy or hectic to choose between a front lace and full lace wig.

A front lace wig uses a refine lace at the front side of the wig. Some of the front lace wig has the lace covering the entire front of the wig will others have the lace for some few inches then the rest of the wig has a different but comfortable material for the wig.   Lace front wigs have a defined natural front as the lace is invisible. With the lace front you can part the middle or on the sides. This wig is attached to the forehead with an adhesive to secure it into position.

 Full lace wigs on the other side has a lining made entirely of lace. This means the lace cover s the entire head scalp all the way to the back.  This wig has more versatility since you can style them into braids, up-dos and more additional styles that cannot be done on front lace wig.  However the cost of full lace wigs is relatively high compared to the front lace wig.

Your scalp sensitivity is paramount. If you have a sensitive scalp ten choose a front or full lace wig with velvet lining on the inside.  These velvet lining are designed to provide comfort and prevent itching of the scalp.  Before you order that lace from the self-it’s important to consider the following factors.


 Cost: The full lace wig cost more than the front lace wig hence what you choose depend on your budget. The full lace wig can cost between $500- $1000 depending on the customization.

Versatility:  When choosing the lace wig you consider how flexible the wig will let you be when styling. The full lace wig offers you multiple styles from up-dos braids and buns while front wig lace will limit you to handful front parting styles.


Comfort:  When choosing a lace wig consider one that doesn’t cause irritation to your scalp. The front lace wig can have two different materials hence consistent comfort for your entire heads is not assured. But you can still get front lace wigs with same material on the entire wig.

 It’s paramount to try out the wig before you purchase the wig in order to test the comfort and versatility. One you decide to kick out the alopecia does it in the right way. Choose wisely as your beauty lies in your hands!